Updates to latest version via Admin panel

A question regarding updates via the Admin panel to the latest beta version. Previously there was an option to update all however, this caused issues in our forum and caused to crash. I take it that this was corrected by the Discourse team because now the only option if to firstly update the Docker Manager. I haven’t attempted to do any updates via the Admin panel since the last issue and do all updates via the server console.
How safe is it to now do the updates via the Admin Panel by updating the Docker Manager and what happens when this is updated. Do all other individual updates have do be done one at a time?

Expect to be able to update all other packages in one further single step.

So I take it that once the Docker manager is updated, the option to update all becomes available?

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That’s right. :+1: You would need to update Docker Manager before you can use Docker Manager to update your Discourse itself. Once the Docker Manager update is complete you will then be able to ‘Upgrade All’, so you don’t need to update each plugin separately.

Updating through the UI is generally safe, but if you had issues before it may be prudent to take a backup just to err on the safe side.


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