Discourse Docs Card Filter has no entry field in settings for categories

I have a new site that I’m setting up. I just added the modest theme, discourse-docs plugin, and the discourse docs card filter component. In the example on the component page there should be fields where I can add which categories or tags should have cards on the docs page. I have no such entry fields.

Did I do something wrong?



Here’s a screenshot

Enough time has passed that you’ve probably by now either solved your question, or moved on. But for the benefit of future searchers, the answer is that this is a misunderstanding of how the “Card Filter” theme component works. All it does is make “cards” for tags that are already selected for display in the Docs plugin settings. Docs plugin settings look like this:

And you can see the field to specify which tags are shown in the middle field there. Docs Card Filter just shows any that are enabled there.

Thank you. You’re right. I did figure that out.

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