Discourse doesn't send notifications after an unlisted topic is listed

I think this might be a bug since I could not find any other topics about it or related settings. I’ve only seen topics regarding the opposite problem of notifications being wrongly sent: Newly-created "unlisted" Topics send "new topic" Notifications

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create an new, unlisted topic
    • Before posting, click the :gear: and select the Toggle Unlisted option
  • After creating the unlisted topic, list the topic

Notice that users do not receive notifications in Discourse or emails after the topic is listed.

Expected behavior

  • users should not get notifications when the unlisted topic is created
    • This works as expected. :+1:
  • users should get notifications once the topic is unlisted
    • This does not work as expected.

Is this the intended behavior? Is there a setting to make it so users will get notifications only once the topic is listed?

My use-case for this is to create an unlisted topic to use as a draft. I do this for announcement posts which I will edit until they are ready. Only once the draft is complete do I want to list the topic for the public and have them get notifications.

I suppose as a workaround, I can create an unlisted draft topic and then copy/paste the contents to a new topic once I’m ready to publish then delete the original draft.

Just to note, Unlisted topics aren’t the best for creating a draft topic. If you create one in a permission-controlled category (eg. #staff) and then recategorise it whenever you’re ready, that works pretty well. Or you can set up Shared Drafts by adding a category to your shared drafts category admin setting. That allows you to create a limited visibility topic and then publish to the correct category when ready. :+1:

(Both of those need disable category edit notifications and disable tag edit notifications to be left default off to send out the notifications)

But I’ll attempt a repro of this bug and see what I can find out. :+1: :slight_smile:


Genius! :brain: I didn’t know about “share drafts” - I love it! Thanks so much.

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I’ve given the initial bug report a run-through and it seems to be working as usual.

  • As test user (TL1), set a category to Watching First Post
  • As admin, create a new topic in that category and toggle it as ‘Unlisted’ before posting

  • A notification is sent out to the test user:

notification for new topic (unlisted)

The test user also receives notifications of Likes, Mentions and Replies for things while the topic was Unlisted as well:

notification from Unlisted

You wouldn’t normally get another notification on Listing/Unlisting, so that’s working as normal too - though it does now appear in the topic list with an Unread count:

And notifications for everything now it’s listed work as well:

I think everything is working as intended. :+1:

But, for those reasons, Unlisting a topic to create a draft isn’t the recommended way as it’s often noisier than you’d think. Hopefully you got on better with the Shared Drafts. :crossed_fingers: