Discourse Doesn't Work On Desktop When Ad Plugin is Installed

My forums get stuck like this on Desktop (Mobile is fine) when I install Ad Plugin. When I remove it, the forums work fine.

Can I have help with this please?

@iAmMuu may be able to explain a little better.

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Please look for errors in the console, and if there any, post them here.


We only saw these errors pop up after a recent discourse update

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'mobileView' of undefined
    at _discourse-adplugin-8518e89869369f346818ee715b26290208548411fecbeb7449f68ede844fa73a.js:279
    at t.module.exports.u.<computed> (_ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:74640)
    at t.module.exports.u.<computed> (_ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:74470)
    at require (_ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:74637)
    at t.customResolve (_application-d50a6abc2097d50c2bca264a67cb09606ae4e46572056cc45cb4ccf6086e1ba3.js:1015)
    at t.resolveComponent (_application-d50a6abc2097d50c2bca264a67cb09606ae4e46572056cc45cb4ccf6086e1ba3.js:1041)
    at t.n.resolve (_ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:46378)
    at _ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:12420
    at e.t.resolve (_ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:11959)
    at e.t.resolve (_ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:11964)

Can you share a link to your instance? Ad plugin is installed here on Meta and this site works on desktop just fine.


There’s a link to the instance in the original post but I’ll add it again here: http://forum.shanniiwrites.com/

(The plugin is currently not installed)

Do you have any adblockers installed by chance? It sounds a little farfetched but it’s possible this could be causing an issue if you have one enabled.

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No, I don’t. Also, all of my 500 users are reporting the same issue on desktop when we install the ad plugin!

I can confirm that I’m encountering the same problem. Also all adblockers disabled. Tested with Safari and chrome on macOS. As well as safari on iPad.

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I am experiencing a very similar issue. The Ad Plugin is installed and works fine (minus there is no House Ads link, what happened to House Ads?)

Anyways, when I try to input an Amazon banner Ad, it breaks the site, see screenshot.

I’m using Iframe Banner code, as directed by the Readme on the AD Plugin, just the yellow part in the code box and then the dimensions in their proper places.

Did you ever find a fix for your issue?

Can you share a link to the instance?

passing the 20 character limit like a boss

It is loading just fine for me right now. Can you trigger the bug?

Yes, it’s loading because I removed the AD, give me 30 seconds and try again

So in Firefox it does the image that I posted above, in other browsers it seems to just try to load showing a spinning circle

Thanks for that. I can see the bug only affects the Amazon Product code.

cc @eviltrout it is related to the recent deprecation of a global.

Okay, so is there a fix for this?

Not yet. You will have to wait a bit until we cook one.

Okie dokie, I’ll be waiting! An official advertising plugin was a determining factor when choosing to go with Discourse. Most website/Forum operators are going to want to be able to monetize their community.

One other question, do you have Media.net on the “To Do” list yet? Like many other websites that are just starting, I’m having problems getting approved for Google Adsense, but Media.Net approved application right away. Is there any chance you guys can add them to the plugin?

Also…Did you guys remove House Ads? I don’t have a link anywhere in my Admin for it…