Discourse Event plugin timezones are still messed up

When I set the Timezone appropriately in the Event Settings as per this:


  1. The correct time is displayed in the Topic list (it was 2 hours ago)

  2. UTC is shown in the topic instead (i.e. 13 hours behind for us)


At the moment, if I simply set the timezone as UTC it works fine.

I have added this CSS to prevent users from adding a timezone

// hide the timezone field for Discourse Events / Calendar Plugin
.discourse-post-event-builder-modal .timezone {
       display: none;

This is happening to me too, if there are any fixes available or if I missed a server setting I would love to know. Thank you!


We’re aware of the issue, and hope to have a fix ready soon. In the meantime, the workaround is to set the event’s timezone in UTC - it will then be correctly translated to everyone’s local timezone in the UI.


Thanks for the response, I plan to keep it set so I’ll know when its fixed. We’re still evaluating it as a way to organize events, so it was more inconvenient than game-breaking.

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I’ll be sure to post here as soon as it’s fixed - set this topic to ‘watching’ and then you’ll get a notification for replies :bell:


I’ve pushed a number of fixes to the plugin, so things should be working much better now :crossed_fingers:

Please let us know if you’re still seeing any timezone-related issues. (cc @nathankershaw @MrScopi)


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