Discourse for business environment and closed source projects

I’m looking for some ways to improve my workflows for working with new team members and 3rd parties inside Discourse. What are you thinking about the following features?

  1. Require Agreement
    All users and guests will be required to accept an agreement before accessing the specific Workspace (category, topic, conversations, user group). Templates could be saved at the admin area.

  2. Enable Document Watermarks
    Automatically add a watermark to all documents containing the user’s email address, the current date and the word “Confidential”.

  3. Automatically delete files after…
    One step further as just closing a topic. And I would prefer permanently deletion insted of just marking content as deleted.

  4. Enable Data Room mode
    Data Room mode prevents Workspace / category users from seeing each other and disables collaborative features including comments, dashboard and notifications, if needed. We also use multiple cloud and our own storage mangement but sometimes I wish, we could share files more centraly at Discourse.

These are just some thoughts about security improvements for internal business use cases. I’m glad to hear about all of your opinions. :slight_smile:

Hi @terraboss

This is a very old question, but I came across it as we have some of the same requirements. Just wondering if you were able to find suitable solutions to any of it?

Which specific requirements? One reason this went unanswered is that it was a bit of a kitchen sink question.

You’re right - it is. But I did wonder if perhaps it led to some specific solutions. I’m working on a site where business people can discuss confidential issues and be sure that their comments aren’t shared outside the specific category.
The concept of a workspace works well for this: Users would need to sign an agreement to access it (#1 on the above list), and we would need to restrict sharing, etc. We also need to give workspace owners some control over who can access it. We can do some of that by configuring groups and giving moderator permissions, but a bit more control over e.g. group membership without making workspace owners admins would be helpful.

Discourse have group owners who can handle their own group membership and category specific moderators, so that is all possible.


I think most of it is possible. Basically, I am creating two groups for each category (workspace) - one for members (and owners) and one for moderators. Typically the user that is added to the moderator group is also added as an owner in the members group. And the moderator group is given permission to moderate content in the category.
I have run into a couple of things I need the owner/moderator to do that I can’t figure out:

  1. The topic actions menu has some actions that a workspace owner should be able to do e.g. pin and unlist topics, that seem to be only available to admins.
  2. Group owners can add new members, but cannot assign them as owners.

I’m not a developer, but I’m guessing these are fairly minor requests that can be addressed through a theme component. Does that sound right? I’m quite new to Discourse, but I’m really enjoying discovering how well put together it is.


Those can’t be done as theme-components, but they can be done as pull requests to the project (preferable IMO) or via a plugin.

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