Migrate a topic to GitHub

Is there a plugin to migrate a topic to GitHub as an issue? That could be really useful for technical forums that want to move specific development-related topics to a GitHub issue.

I’m not really sure how exactly it would work; maybe the GitHub issue would be created under the account of a bot or the user who initiated the move, and the original thread would be closed and the issue and the thread would link to each other.

Anyway, just thought I’d throw this out there as a “nice to have”!

No, but there is a program in alpha testing that takes GitHub Issues and Migrates them to Discourse (so you can sort of reverse engineer it to go the opposite way).



Discussion on Github issues is a trash fire… I’m not sure why you’d want to encourage more of it. Cross-referencing Github issues to Discourse discussions is one thing, but actually migrating all the discussion into an issue? I can’t imagine how that would be better.


Interesting, thanks for the link!

Direct integration with the code, labels, milestones, and releases is valuable. AFAIK Discourse doesn’t hook into specific lines of specific commits of code together with the rest of the GitHub issue tracking features.

Labels, milestones, releases, etc are issue tracking features, not discussion features. Commenting on the code actually happens against the commits, and the PR stream just gets those bits jammed in.

The Github issue import plugin that’s being built could certainly handle this.

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Integration with those aspects of issue tracking are what give the discussion its most valuable context. They’re not “jammed in” just because it’s nifty.