Discourse for Family or Small group of Friends?

Curious if anyone is using Discourse as a hub for family or a small group of friends? (vs a “community”)
If so, how are you using it and how has it been?
Especially since the addition of the Chat features, I am looking to move my family chats & communication to something more private that we have full control of our data, messages, photos, etc. curious if anyone has used Discourse to fill this need or to supplement a more standard group chat.

Thank you!


I am. Works just fine. Photos, gossips, greetings etc.

I have even one that is just for me. It’s role is being kind of notebook and for editing longer stories and articles.


Nice, thanks.
Do you use it in conjunction with a more traditional messaging app for day-to-day chatting, or do you use the Chat feature for daily group chats?
If the former, how do you help discern what does to Discourse vs what is shared via chat?


Everyone is 50+ and kids have theirs own circles. So no one is using any chats, not even whatsapp. Some reactions happends on Facebook/Instagram, that’s it.

So, there was kind of demand for virtual social life that is free of clock and calender, if you understand what I’m meaning. I didn’t expect that and in the first place it was just for photo galleries and some genealogy/familytree stuff.


awesome, thanks for the insight


This is what I intend to do for my family (10 siblings and their families… and their families). :smiley: Everyone is always asking about photos of so-and-so and who may have them. Discourse would make for a nice photo album for everyone. Besides, it would be easy to keep track of everyone’s birthdays & anniversaries (which I always miss).