Discourse Frotz 🧙

BIG update: :tada: :kiwi_fruit:

(this has taken months of occasional background work and coordination with Frotz team).

Introducing full colour and monospaced formatting for stories


This big update comes with a bunch of improvements:

  • ADDED colour formatting and monospaced text support
  • IMPROVED simplified settings: no longer requires calibration of header and footer, just the desired title and story file, whoop!
  • IMPROVED uses Open3 gem for system commands, reducing risk of abuse/vulnerabilities.
  • IMPROVED internal interaction with command line to remove need for stream files, now copes with more/press any key prompts

Now REQUIRES the Discourse BBCode plugin!!

This required the collaboration of the maintainer of Frotz, David Griffiths and one of the very active members of that community, Borg323 who wrote the BBCode extensions against the BBCode Discourse standard. Many many thanks to them! We had to get a bit creative to get the monospaced text stuff to work, but the solution is really great!

Some examples of the new formatting (I’ve not fully tested these stories, these are just examples of formatting)


and notice the coloured compass here:


KNOWN ISSUES: There are loads of games that don’t work because of the nature of their call and response protocols. If one step of the game doesn’t lead you to a prompt at which you can save (ignoring press any key or More prompts which should be handled), then the story won’t work. e.g. in Act of Murder (great game!) the lady at the door asks if you are a policeman. Unfortunately this is a state of the game that’s unsaveable so fails this requirement and I can’t see a way we would get that to work.

There are probably games that are now compatible with Discourse Frotz that weren’t before … please experiment but note the limitation above!

Let me know if you have any issues getting this to work and I’ll refine the instructions as required.