Discourse hosting: is there a centralized place (like a status page) I can visit for scheduled maintenance and incidents?

I’m looking for a centralized place where I can view the status of Discourse (since our data center is hosted by Discourse), which includes any downtime, service monitoring, scheduled maintenance and uptime specifically. Subscribing to this so incidents are mailed my way would be a bonus.

Does such a place exist for Discourse while being hosted by them?


If you’re just looking for general stats for the service maybe this will help? However, I’m not sure if this is just for the public website or represents the hosted client sites.



Thanks @pboucher! Looks like this gives me uptime in the last 7 days, but yeah, it would be good to know if this reflects hosted client sites or something else. The missing piece here, regardless, is scheduled maintenance.


You can look back in history on uptime but you’re right, no maintenance notifications. Best would be a status.io like system. :wink:


One very important thing to note is that we already monitor your site.

Every 2-5 minutes we will check every site we host from an external location to ensure it is up and running. Our check includes basic stuff (such is, am I getting a 200 response) and advanced stuff (such as, where is the JavaScript payload).

On top of that we use Pingdom to check select sites from multiple geos using ipv4 and ipv6 checks.

Adding to this we have an army of internal alerts that notify us before stuff goes wrong (when initial signs pop up). Machines may be running out of memory, high on CPU, replicas may have issues and so on.

If we notice something is impacting our hosting we will post on twitter. So, https://twitter.com/discourse is your official status page.

As an enterprise customer you have more flexibility, so contact team@discourse.org with your requirements so we can discuss.


@sam, this is great information, thank you!
Also important to note is that we haven’t experienced any issues—I’m just being proactive (and learning).


For the record, we now have an official status page for our managed hosting at:

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