Monitor: Best solutions for keeping track of uptime?

Does anybody know or has written anything about monitoring a discourse site:

Ie, - DB uptime/Site Uptime/Redis Uptime
response times, etc.

I’ve used New Relic in the past but have no strong preferences.

There is already a New Relic plugin for Discourse:


I just signed up for

I’d like to get the latest recommendations from the Discourse dev team. @sam?

I thought about this today as I discovered that my programming site was not responding. Yikes! Logging into the server and restarting the container

This is all I needed to get the site back up:

cd /var/discourse/
./launcher restart app

I then did the upgrade:

git pull
./launcher rebuild app

One “problem” with discourse is that it’s so easy to keep running that it’s easy to forget how to do maintenance!


Our recommendations are a bit tricky here, we decide on a tool based off a very different decision matrix to what a self-hoster would. We think about things such as API, clean IPv6 support, long term reporting and so on.

As it stands we use and are in the process of migrating to due to some very specific ipv6 issues we are seeing at pingdom at scale.