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Influitive is a company in Canada that has forked Discourse as the engine behind their custom community platform. When using one of those community sites in discourse the site continuously asks you to login and authorize. This is probably a question for them but I thought I’d post it here just to see if this is something that can be looked at in discourse hub.

Here’s the site url


Yeah. You’d need to ask them. My guess is that they haven’t implemented discourse_connect very well.

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It seems to work after I auth but it doesn’t stick so I need to go in every time and reauth. Some of their custom Ui headers in the site doesn’t load either. Overall it’s a negative experience of discourse rebranding and it’s really too bad.

It’s Open Source Software. Do you really think that Discourse looks bad because not everyone in the world is able to customize it without breaking it. I suspect that many people won’t know it’s Discourse at all. (But I can’t log in, so I don’t know.)

Could you provide a source for this?

I think the disconnect is stemming from (on your part) an assumed business relationship between them and the company behind Discourse, when this is very likely not to be the case.

If it isn’t - and I realise we are trading assumptions here - there isn’t much the company behind Discourse can do about someone else having their own website and not doing the best job of managing it. I don’t think most people would allow it to influence their opinion of the software, though.


Discourse has a pattern that makes it familiar which is great. But I agree it’s easy to break software everyone has source access too. It’s just too bad that discourse hub breaks so badly.

I stopped using it in the hub and so the community will be something I won’t visit as a result.

it’s Discourse, I know this

By the way one of the biggest reasons WordPress is so successful is because the core works consistently no matter what. Authentication rarely breaks in WordPress unless you customize that piece. They implemented SSO with the FreshBooks and so I think that’s breaking Discourse hub.

Actually that is not totally true. It has tendency break quite easily because Automattic is changing core quite often and it is more or less really messy puzzle now where themes and plugins are big issue.

Its popularity came from same type situation where Discourse is now: there wasn’t any other serious free/open source altenative.

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But plugins and themes are not core. The core on its own is pretty rock solid right now, barring the new block editor which is a work in progress. It’s the plugin/theme architecture which is truly a mess. The ecosystem diversity is also its power by far, technically and economically.

I won’t participate (further :person_shrugging: ) in a Discourse-is-more/less-stable-than-WP discussion, but . . .

Like for instance . … .

So they broke it.


It doesn’t matter because without themes and plugins pure vanilla WordPress is useless. And those work tightly connected to core.

And SSO doesn’t work out-of-the-box using just core of WordPress.

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We definitely agree there. I hope as much core functionality goes into discourse core rather than leaving it to plugins to do stuff like SSO.

That looks like a forked or either super old Discourse instance from early 2019 :scream:

It’s impressive that it isn’t broken in more ways than that.


Absolutely – it has some cool reward coins features and tons of automation. FreshBooks is a large company using it now for their community. Maybe they will complain to Influitive to fix it. It hasn’t taken off quite yet in terms of usage but when it does, the sparks will fly.

Yep, that’s 2.3.0 :scream:

This is 100% not a Discourse or DiscourseHub issue. They’re using old software and janky SSO.

Unless someone from the team says otherwise I don’t see how you can jump to the conclusion that any license agreement exists… They’ve just forked the code and aren’t maintaining it. DiscourseHub doesn’t support super old sites.


You’re right. I assumed a license but it’s just a fork like you said. I’ll let them know to upgrade to something reasonably modern. Thank you!


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