Discourse Hub: Header looks different on different devices

hello guys,

so i recently bought an iPhone 12 pro which i got yesterday and noticed that the header on discourse hub displays different on this device as opposed to how it does on my old iPhone XS. i believe the difference is due to the progress bar? but i might be wrong. on safari they both look ok

i have taken SS on both so you can compare them:

iPhone XS

without the progress bar

with the progress bar which has enough room

on safari

iPhone 12 Pro

without the progress bar

with the progress bar

on safari

this is on meta. same happens on my site

don’t know if it’s actually the resolution. i’m just guessing. here’s the resolution on each:

iPhone XS (2436 x 1125 resolution with 458 ppi)
iPhone 12 pro (2778 x 1284 resolution with 458 ppi)

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forgot to say about this too!

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@pmusaraj has made updates for the iPhone 12 in the beta version of the app, and I believe the plan is to release the updates to everyone next week…


The app update was submitted yesterday and it has passed Apple review, so you should be able to update DiscourseHub on your iPhone 12 now.


you guys are awesome. i just got the update and everything is fixed now

many thanks!