Discourse installation in docker in portainer

Or, “You want to use a bunch of tools that we don’t use and it’s not working for you? We can’t guess why. If you use tools that are most like the ones that we use and test, it’s more likely to work and we’re more likely to be able to help.”

The issue could be as simple as “build an image with docker and launcher, push it to a repo, and launch it with portainer.” And the problem could be as simple as not setting a single ENV variable, or dozens of other tiny things having to do with networking and routing, any of which might be solved by a single line of code. But figuring out what line of code with a bunch of tools that people here don’t use is not easy to do.

The Standard Install works for lots of people who know nothing about system adminstration. Configuring reverse proxies makes things at least 4x as hard to do, and even harder to support via a forum.

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