Discourse installation in docker in portainer

What are you basing this on? The usual response to unsupported configurations is to give the standard install a whirl because it lets anyone get Discourse up and running without paying CDCK a dime.

I have to question your motives here… The standard install relies on a custom launcher which uses docker. It exists for a multitude of reasons, including the simple fact that even a completely non-technical user with zero prior experience can usually follow the steps and get running in 30 minutes or less.

If you know your docker-fu then you’re welcome to go that route, but we can’t guarantee anyone will be able to assist with the specifics of your configuration, hence unsupported-install. The thing about free community-based support is that if the scope of support isn’t limited, then the overall quality of advice and success rate will decline.

Can you explain what’s wrong with the above? If someone pays money to develop expertise which is in short supply doesn’t said expertise have value?