Discourse Integration with Google Cloud Search

I need a confirmation whether Discourse will support API integration with Google Cloud Search and how many document is available in Discourse portal for the search?

Please help me if anyone knows about it

I am not sure what this is. Which plan supports an API for integration? Do all the plans support the API?


I guess this is the API?


In general custom search integration is considered an enterprise level hosting feature for our hosting, so it wouldn’t be easy.


Hey Jeff,
Thanks for the reply
As Google provides an API for Google Cloud Search, so my question is:-
Can Discourse be integrated with Google cloud search ?

Looks like google cloud search is used for searching G Suite accounts. So if you were making API calls to google cloud search you can make the same API call to discourse’s search and combine the results you get back from both services.

According to Google Cloud Search: Search Gmail, Drive & More | G Suite

Does Cloud Search support third-party data?
Yes, Cloud Search includes connectors to third-party data sources such as Salesforce, SAP, and more than 100 other data sources.

Discourse does not currently have a Cloud Search connector, but I’m sure a Discourse Plugin could be created to support it since it looks there are many other third-party connectors.

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