Which are the all API's that are compatible and integrable with discourse

Hi Folks,
I was curious to know like what all API’s are compatible and integrable with discourse? or like any API can be integrable with discourse?
I’m confused about the API integration part of the discourse, which API’s does it support?
Could you please help me!!!

There isn’t an exhaustive list available for API integrations. Depending on what you are trying to do there might be support for it in core like sendgrid for email, or oauth2 for authentication. For other integrations like Zendesk there is likely a plugin for it. Is there something else other than Discourse Integration with Google Cloud Search that you are interested in?

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Thanks Blake for responding!!
Right now we are only looking towards Google Cloud Search integration as that can help us to get the documents and files, which are there on our G-suite, right there on discourse itself and can be easily shared with our community!!