Discourse-Intercom Integration

Hello there! Happy New Year! We use Intercom for our support and Discourse for our customer community forum. Unfortunately, Intercom does not have a good customer portal or any good options for our customers to have an overview of their support chat/ticket history with statuses (opemn/closed etc.) etc. So I was wondering if you had any good integration prossibilities that could solve or partially solve this? The scenario would be that when a user enters the Ardoq User Community, they could also get a searchable list with their (only their, not other company’s users’) Intercom chats/tickets somewhere in the portal?
Thank you in advance!y


Hey Kristine,

I believe that out of the box, we only offer these widgets:

For greater levels of integration, you’d probably have to use the API, Webhooks or write a custom Discourse plugin.

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Thank you very much for your quick response! Then we will need to explore the API, Webhooks and custom pluging path :slight_smile:


You can also use third party services: