Discourse iOS Keyboard

Warning :warning:

:exclamation: This feature is now integrated into core, no need to install this component. Use it for educational purposes only

:discourse2: Summary iOS Keyboard allows optional Apple iOS hardware Keyboard support
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-ios-keyboard

What this does?

This adds a user preference that can be selected to inform Discourse a physical keyboard is attached to an iOS device.

When a keyboard is attached Discourse is able to disable a bunch of hacks it has in place to work around iOS bugs. In particular: this file

You can access the new setting in user preferences → interface:

Once hardware keyboard is enable the various iOS touch hacks are disabled, making iPad experience very similar to desktop, so you can compose while reading and so on.

Current Caveats

  1. User setting is only persisted per device in local storage.

note: the Apple section will only show up on Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone.