Discourse is a beautiful software

(Chethan Thimmappa) #1

I really like the interface of discourse. It is so simple, easy to use and is definitely a modern day discussion app… I was trying to evaluate different forum softwares across different platforms … Php based forum software, nodeBB on node.js and others… I found discourse very very intuitive.

The best part is it works so great on phone, adopts to the screen and you get all the features which you see in full fledged screen…

My favorite features in discourse:

  • Inviting people to a particular thread via email, and sending them invite link — so they just click and join and even reply to topics.
  • So many great login options - google, facebook, sso etc…
  • It is so fast, works like a charm
  • Latest topics poping up first in homepage without a refresh.
  • Suggestions based on what you type
  • badges - that helps in rewarding an active user there by increasing the user engagement
  • able to add people to group and also privately message them

Hats off to discourse team for bringing such a great piece of software and also making it open source… Discourse is the future - can be the next wordpress of web ( popularity wise). I recommend this software and also will ask people to switch to discourse and will try to actively engage in this community.




I’ve been testing Discourse for about 6 weeks and it still surprises me on a daily basis.

The linking between related posts and summary card at the bottom of the topic are simply brilliant - and now, whenever I visit other (non Discourse) forums, the topics look naked to my eyes - whereas Discourse on the other hand, draws you in and tempts you to read more.