Thank you, Discourse, for everything!

I just realized that I have never written anything here, and this is very much overdue :slight_smile:

I started using a Discourse Forum back in 2022, and it is probably the best shaped, developed, and user-friendly site that I have ever seen. Discourse is very intuitive and it makes you want to stay engaging with the community.

I joined Meta also in 2022 to report an issue that I had with flags on Discourse. To see how quickly it was resolved was unbelievable. The whole team cares about their customers. It’s hard to see that now within companies and for that I am grateful.

If you look at forums now, you can easily see why Discourse is, and will be, the option.

Thank you so much for everything! :slight_smile: :discourse:


Indeed. I’m surprised myself sometimes when I’m looking around for things and I stumble across Discourse. For example the other day I got something from | IT Pro's Trusted Source for Connectivity Accessories | United Kingdom and I clicked on ‘Knowledge Base’ out of curiosity and it was a Discourse community. :tada: