Discourse is the "best in class" community building platform

Ahhhhh! I just can’t help myself… I have to express my excitement and gratitude to the Discourse team and this amazing community!!!

I’ve been following Discourse development for many many years. I can’t remember who it was that introduced me to this project… maybe it was from following @jonobacon and a project where he was using Discourse. That was so long ago, so it’s kind of foggy.

A couple of years ago I managed my first Discourse community and since then I’ve built two communities using this platform. I learn something new about Discourse every single day.

I’ve built communities from scratch on JiveX, Lithium, Telligent, and Higher Logic. There are some areas where a comparison would be apples and oranges and not fair to compare but generally speaking, Discourse blows all of these platforms out of the water, imho.

Some of the greatest minds and their ideas and their philosophies about community building are deeply rooted into the core Discourse. It’s not just a bunch of developers making some software. That’s clear.

It’s not only the extensive power of this platform that makes it the best in class, for community building, but the actual meta community here, and the help and support from fellow community members and the Discourse team, is second to none. I have a dedicated account manager with one of the companies mentioned above and the community help offered here far surpasses the value we pay for and receive from our account manager with that other community platform.

Thank you DiscourseFAM. I appreciate your guidance and support, on the daily!! :raised_hands:


I can definitely echo many of your points.

I mean don’t keep secrets… Especially when it’s a well known fact :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: