What makes Discourse better than other platforms?

I was recently introduced to Discourse as a platform to consider using in the future. Before using Discourse I wanted to ask the community what makes it different/better than other popular platforms, and what its strengths/weaknesses are.

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Can you give a few examples of the other popular platforms you are talking about?
Discourse won’t compare the same way if you’re talking about phpBB or nodeBB.

Also, it can depend on the goals you want to achieve. A software feature can be important for some but useless for others.

That said, we can mention some “objective” strengths. For example, Discourse is free and open-source, has painless and frequent upgrades, and has an active free support community, both by users and the official team. It can also be customized very easily using theme components and plugins.

Also, you can look at this to have some information: Search results for 'discourse comparison' - Discourse Meta and more specifically:


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I agree with Coin-coin, it’s important to know the context in which Discourse was introduced to you, and the other options you are considering, as well as the purpose for which you are interested in these platforms. Those things will heavily influence how Discourse compares and how appropriate it is for your needs.