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While you’re dropping by to leave us some praise, why not drop a few lines on these comparison sites as well!


Discourse Alternatives and Similar Software -


Discourse - What are the best web forum software packages? - Slant

G2 Crowd

(We don’t know much about this site yet but it seems legit. Requires more writing, but, if you’re feeling up for it, go ahead!)

Having an honest and up-to-date representation of Discourse on these sites can make a big difference, so if you can make the time to sign up and chime in we’d greatly appreciate it. And if you spot outdated information that needs to be edited/removed, please report it on the site and let us know here as well.

Are there other sites like these that we should have a presence on? Let us know!

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Just going to drop this link here (don’t have time to get a screenshot). @HAWK’s Feverbee has a nice comparison tool.


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We’ve got a live one over at ProductHunt: