Hi guys,

Maybe you know - does there exist something in Discourse that could provide similar features as Developer Jobs, Programming Jobs & More - Stack Overflow?

I work in a large company (150k employees). We are thinking about deploying a “looking for someone that can get something done for me” tool, that would enable anyone to get help from any other person.

Best regards

Could you explain which features in particular you’re looking for?

Discourse has tagging support, can associate locations via a plugin, what else is going to be useful for your use-case?


Hi Stephen,

Sure - let me try at least. Ultimately we need to make people that want something in IT done (possibly coming from outside of IT) to be able to publish a “job description”. I would say that this should support some kind of predefined fields to be filled (e.g. technology, deadline, estimated effort etc.). At the same time, we would need to make such “jobs”’ easily noticeable by potentially interested persons. I guess that would need each such job-seeker to tag himself with e.g. technology they are interested in, and, perhaps a kind of technical tag “job-seeker”. I think this could work indeed with tags. What I’m missing a bit I guess is perhaps a landing page for this kind of postings just to give them this look of a “job portal”?

Can you please provide the name of the plugin you are mentioning? Also do you know if Discourse can “enforce” certain information to be provided while creating an topic?


Here’s an example of Discourse being used this way: Job Postings - Open Source Design / https://opensourcedesign.net/jobs

You can enforce adding a category to the topic by disabling the allow uncategorized topics setting.

Like the above example, you could give topics in a category a more defined structure by using templates. See What are Topic Templates? for more info.