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(DaveK) #23

Gave it a test run. So far, smooth sailing but I’ve noticed two things:

  1. When a card gets declined, for whatever reason (mistake while typing the number, for example), the gateway returns a “Sorry, an error occurred.” I am guessing it won’t give custom notifications such as card declined? Also, when the error happens, the fields are no longer editable. You have to reload the whole page to start over.

  2. Any way to change the /league in the URL?

By the way, thank you for the permissions addon, it works great!

(Anton) #24

Another pros compared to Patreon - the latter does not support all localizaitons, e.g. we at Russian community forum.kozovod.com can’t use Patreon.

We currently use simple FormAssembly forms for donations. We grant badges manually (anyway, there are very few donations per month).

I’d like to see Stripe integration in this plugin.

(Joe Buhlig) #25

I actually have two different clients wanting to use this plugin right now that want to use different gateways. One is using FirstData and the other is Stripe.

My plan is get the FirstData bit out the door first (no pun intended) and then work on Stripe. So those should be coming out in the next month or so.

(Kenny DuBose) #26

@joebuhlig I’m a fan of Stripe, and would be interested in this gateway as well. Thanks much.

(Lee Strickland) #27

I would be very interested in stripe. I haven’t tested if this plugin works for my purposes but I’d prefer to use something like stripe as I have an existing relationship

(Joe Buhlig) #28

The client wanting FirstData needed to slow down. Looks like Stripe will be first. :wink:

(Kenny DuBose) #29

A nice surprise. Thanks Joe

(Ruth Cheesley) #30

Also got a potential client who would need Stripe so good to see it’s under development!

(Thomas Di Grégorio) #31


My 2cents: You should make the process of adding a gateway by a template base class or something, to let people develop their own gateway implementation…

I think of crypto-currencies payments but I assume you wont develop yourself each 100s of crypto out there! :slight_smile:

(Joe Buhlig) #32

Agreed. That’s the plan. This plugin is going through a rename as well as the creation of tests. So there’s a lot going on with it at the moment. But yes, as I’m adding these gateways I’m extracting out the calls and keeping the gateways interchangeable.


Is it possible to use this without the payments and just the registration prompt ?

(Richard - DiscourseHosting.com) #34

Small issue:

You seem to have checked in a stray symlink here.

(Joe Buhlig) #35

Good catch. Thanks, Richard!

(Tech Tricks) #36

Is it available in India?

(Bart) #37

Hi @joebuhlig! It seems your demo site is no longer working.