Are you a hotshot with G-sheets AND Discourse?

YOU ARE??? Then maybe you can help me out here.

I’d like to move text with a link (in this case, Baglady5,) to a cell in Google spreadsheet.

Highlight - copy - paste (into google sheets cell) doesn’t work.

I’m not finding anything in google help or online that gives me a combination of keys to do this in one action.

Is this even possible? (If it is you will be my special hero of the day.)

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There would be two parts to your query.

  1. copy the Name as Text and then pasting it in Sheets.
  2. right click on the Username and select the “Copy link Address”. once this is done, add a hyperlink to the text copied in step 1
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Maybe just copy the username into one cell and in the adjoining cell do something like


I’ve got a sheet with sites that I maintain that pulls their current Discourse version, compares it with the version running on meta, and marks red the ones that are older.


You’re my heroes of the day for replying at all! Thank you, guys.

Those are workarounds that I had thought of. (I’m pleased that there wasn’t something obvious that I wasn’t seeing.) I really needed a simple, quick one-step process for novice volunteers who need to compile a list on a daily basis. A two step job is going to be too onerous for first-timers.

I may just suggest they collect links only, that’s one step. Well, a step and a click.

Thank you again for the solutions: I don’t feel totally OTL now. (Out to Lunch, LOL)



Maybe you can get the data you want with the data explorer login?

I don’t know if this will help, but it might: Keyboard shortcuts for Google Sheets - Computer - Docs Editors Help

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