Discourse logo is very hard to see on dark themes

If you look at the Discourse logo with a dark theme, it is hardly recognizable.
If you for example use GitHub with a dark theme, this is what it looks like:


I use dark theme, here on meta.
It looks good:

But I don’t think that you can set a different image on GitHub, per day/night mode.

What fix are you thinking about?

it’s a known issue on github, hopefully they have a solution soon


I’m not thinking about anything, just informing the team here in case they don’t know, as I didn’t find a related topic.

But one solution could be to have a thick white border around the logo, so that it looks like it is currently on light theme, but is properly viewable on dark theme as long as GitHub does not have support for two logo versions.

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I made an update that adds a white background, so at least the logo is visible in dark mode.

I experimented with SVGs, which can support color-scheme media queries, but Github strips out inline SVGs (probably for security) and their CDN prevents the CSS from working from externally linked SVGs.