Discourse logo keeps appearing

A while back I was struggling with changing the thumbnail image that appears when you share the forum url in other sites like (blogs, skype etc), for that I tried changing site settings like “opengraph image” etc. It didn’t solve the problem (I reset the value as before), however I came across another problem now.


Discourse logo appears instead of site title. I fix it by:

SiteSetting.logo_url = “”

but after a day (at same specific time) it reappears and I have to unset the logo_url again. I am doing it everyday now, and it is really annoying me. I guess it is some sort of daily task that is setting it. Any help in fixing the problem will me much appreciated. Thanks

Are you updated to latest? It might be a regression, but i was under the impression this had been fixed.


No, I’m on v2.2.0.beta6-dirty . Any idea, in which version it was fixed? I’ll have to update some of the plugins before updating the discourse.

The “dirty” suffix implies that you have installed Discourse in a way that differs from our recommended installation guide - read: bitnami.

As such, we won’t be able to provide any support in your case.

We recommend that you follow the official installation guide linked above.


How did I miss that. Oh the shame of it.


I am actually surprised about it. I installed discourse more than a year ago, and followed the guide you mentioned. In the previous versions, there was no “dirty” suffix and in fact my staging forum is installed in the same way as production, and its version is v2.3.0.beta3 (no dirty suffix)

We’re more than happy to provide any support you need to resolve any issues that you have with installing or maintaining a Discourse installation if you follow our official installation guide.

However, we don’t support the Bitnami installation because there are too many variables that might differ from our recommended installation guide.

We don’t use the “dirty” suffix in any of our releases, and I believe that that’s something that only happens if you’re using the Bitnami installation. So, if that showed up on your site before you updated, then it’s a pretty clear sign that you didn’t follow the official installation guide when you set up that site.

Further, the issue you’ve described is not new and was either fixed per this commit or another commit that’s related to that.

So, please ensure that you’ve followed our official guide for the Discourse site you’re having trouble with and ensure your Discourse installation is up to date.

If both these condition are met, and you’re still facing the same problem, please post clear reproduction steps as that would help us fix the problem a lot quicker.


After updating it to v2.3.0.beta3 , the issue seems to be fixed now. Thanks


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