Using multiple discourse

There are several posts about hosting multiple discourse instances, but I’ve not seen one about managing several discourse instance as a user.

I am using a lot of discourse forums on a daily basis as:

  • forum.duniter. org
  • forum.monnaie-libre. fr
  • discourse.partipirate. org
  • base.extinctionrebellion. fr
  • forum.monnaie-democratique. fr
  • forum.manjaro. org
  • rookieclub. org

and it starts being a bit cumbersome to manage. (sorry for the links, new users can only have two per topic)

On desktop(s), what I have is a dedicated browser (chromium) for these forums that I pin in tabs.

On mobile, I do the same because the discourse app does not work with chromium (only chrome that I do not want on my device).

Before getting a federated discourse, do you have other tricks to make it easier?


What do you mean by “easier”? What do you mean by “cumbersome to manage”? How could it be easier, specifically? I’m not following. Maybe if you listed some specific issues or specific things you are proposing.


Yes, I mean “cumbersome to manage”.

For example, there could be a way to export account parameters (picture, bio, notification settings…) and import it on an other instance to avoid having to manually set everything. Or there could be a way to set a proxy for summary by mail in order to receive less of it. These are just example, but basically I just want to know if someone else meet the same problems and has his own workaround and would like to share it.


Ah yes this is a good idea!