Discourse Mobile App - Performance Issue (possibly)?


Is there anything that would affect the performance of this app other than standard wifi/service provider bandwidth etc… I only ask as I’ve noticed this evening (UK), that it sees to be hanging, I can select a Discourse site from the list but it only highlights yellow and then doesn’t actually do anything.

I have tried the sites directly and they all appear to be fine, I only have our own, this one and sketchfab on my list.

I’ve also tried other sites such as the BBC News/YouTube on my mobile and they seem to respond as expected.

Just thought I’d ask to see if there was anything happening. I’ve tried a restart on the device and that made no difference either.

Gremlins? Could anyone else with the app give it a test?


August 27, 2018 9:07 PM - Seems to be responding again at the moment.

Working fine for me on different sites. Let me know if it comes back.

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Hi Joffrey,

Thanks for the prompt reply and for checking. Quite odd, never had problems with it before, only earlier today.

I would have put it all down to the connectivity on my phone, but yet I could access the sites directly with either wifi or mobile data etc. I have powered the phone off and back on, seems ok at the moment.

Any kind of caching/data that I may need to clear occasionally or anything like that to be aware of?

Not that I know of, I certainly never do anything of this kind. I can however tell you that I will be working a lot on the mobile apps in the next weeks… so if there are any issue we can probably expect more stability soon :smiley:

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Okey dokey, no worries… I’m sure it’s probably just some issue with my device, still seems to be ok at the moment.

Great to hear there’s going to be some more development. Any plans for specific features?

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Can’t tell yet :wink: Hoping to find ways to make it more useful

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I will look forward to seeing the update then - a mystery, wrapped in an enigma! :smiley:


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