Discourse Modal Grip

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Hello :wave:

This simple theme component adds a grip to the modal. It shows on mobile touch devices above the modal. It hides the close button and centerize the title. Inspired by Add grip to mobile modals

There are some settings to modify things. :arrow_down_small:

The grip is only shows up if the keyboard not. When the keyboard is visible then the border radius is 0 and the default modal header comes back with the close button etc… This is because when the keyboard visible then the modal is goes to full height and keeping the grip can cause accidentally slide down the phone notification center instead of closing modal…

There are some adjustment to other modals, like: Table Builder modal, Chat new message modal, Templates modal.

And also hid the grip from the known non dismissable modals, like discard draft modal.


It’s a small change, but it’s a great UX improvement. Good job. :+1: