Discourse Narrative Bot Quote Text Customization

We’re editing the quotes provided by the default narrative bot by searching down from the following:


We’ve edited the authors and quotes for the 10 quotes, but we are finding that the quotes are not changing when we use a ‘discobot quote’ command.

We’ve tried restarting the app, and then when that didn’t work rebuilding the container but we can’t get them to change. When we ask for a quote it provides the old quotes author/text, even though we have edited them all.

Is there another setting we need to change? Thanks for any help.

We are on v2.3.0.beta4 +20

Ah, looks like we’ve misunderstood what those fields are for. It uses an external API to get the quotes, not local settings. That’s a shame.


Just temporarily we altered the switch here, and it works great. Obviously not a great way to do it, but thought it might help others in the future.


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