Discourse new install not working on Google Cloud VM


I installed Discourse forum on a new VM running on Google Cloud using this official guide


Everything went perfectly and there were no error messages. And even the DNS mapping was done properly to my domain name, but after installation when I enter the domain name in my browser, it doesnt open anything and after a lot of waiting I receive an error message from my browser stating that the browser cannot open the page because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.

I have checked ping response to the server using my domain name and its pings perfectly, can you please guide me how to being with the troubleshooting process?


Is the VM is on the default network? Have you added firewall rules to allow HTTP/HTTPS traffic?



Are you using a load balancer? If so, you have to set it up a certain way with Google to get Discourse working.

Otherwise, we probably need more details - my instance has been running perfectly on Google Cloud without issue.

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Yes, The VM is on the default network with properly configured rules to allow HTTPS traffic only. It was not working initially, but surprisingly on third VM it built successfully and is now working fine. The first two VMs had two VCPUs with 4GB Ram of Ram, and the third VM had only 1VCPU with 1.7GB Ram. I followed the same process on all three, but surprisingly only the third worked. Anyways, I have deleted the two previous VMs and only the last one is running now. Can you please let me know how much load can this server handle at the given time?

Thanks again for your replies. :slight_smile:

no, I didnt use any load balancer, but whats surprising is that the faster VMs were unable to do proper build, while the slower one did successfully.