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I don’t think Trust Levels would be your solution here. You can use the built-in groups for this purpose.

Discourse can give different groups of users permissions on a per-category basis.

If you want don’t want users to create new topics in those categories then make sure the ‘everyone’ group or the equivalent group for your users has ‘Reply/See’ and not ‘Create/Reply/See’. This is set up in the Security tab of the category settings.

If you’re an administrator you don’t need to give yourself the Create permission, it’s implicit, but if you aren’t an administrator then do make sure whatever group applies to your user has ‘Create/Reply/See’ granted to it in the same category.

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Thanks, Jay. This is what I was looking for. The how to category may be the model I want to follow for documentation I’m developing on Discourse for my app.


this is beautiful, well done.

any chance you could hit edit and copy paste the text including markdown into a code bin somewhere so we can copy/paste it directly into ours, assuming your intention of posting this was so others could rip it off to help users new to their site?

It’s a wiki topic so you should be able to grab that yourself (assuming your TL is high enough).

Why would they need wiki? Simply visit


That is, delete the middle part here and replace with “raw”



Nice one @robmc, it could use imho the following:

  • Setting Email subscription frequency
  • Setting personal profiles to private
  • Turning off PM function at the user level
  • Muting users
  • Downloading a copy of their data


I can see it’s a wiki but I’m not going to write all over it before mentioning it first.

This is super helpful! Can we share this on our own Discourse hosted sites?

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That’s why it’s here.


Very good write up…

Is it still possible to get lists to behave the way you have in the TOC up there? I’ve built a similar TOC on my site, but there’s a line break between every bullet, which is messy and takes up entirely too much space.

Are you using DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents? Or maybe you just want to look at the markdown of the top post