Discourse not downloading remote images anymore?


My discourse install (2.9.0.beta5 f73796b258) doesn’t download remote images. It only creates the previews. It seems to be the same on try.discourse, and I suppose it’s the same on meta? Let’s try.

After posting the images, the resized, preview images are generated.
The sidekiq job UpdateHotlinkedRaw is scheduled. Once executed, the hotlinked image is still not downloaded.
I don’t see the usual PullHotlinkedImages in the scheduled jobs.

As for my remaining disk space, I have more than enough.

And the hotlinked image doesn’t seem to be downloaded ever. My guess is it’s a bug, but feel free to move it somewhere else if it’s not :slight_smile:

This is actually a behavior change that @david introduced to make our system more robust, secure and responsive.

The image is indeed downloaded to local, as the HTML shows, it is just that we no longer need to fiddle with the post.

In my opinion this is a bug and not a good behavior


That is on David’s list to fix, some time in the next few weeks.

Hi sam!

The hotlinked image isn’t downloaded. The preview is indeed created as your screenshot shows, but the link still points to the external image. There is no lightbox either. Is that because the link points to the external image?

But I see that this message of Taylor in Oni’s linked topic points toward the same issue, even if there is no onebox when you just display an image (?).

So I suppose the issue will be resolved “in the next few weeks”.

A question nonetheless: will the existing posts be fixed automatically? If not, how to update only these posts so the links point to the local image?

I think that we will need to rebake all posts…

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Yeah this is the same issue as

Images are downloaded, and the downloaded version is displayed to the user. It’s just the hyperlink that still points to the original.

I’ll try and get to this ASAP, and will update that topic when it’s resolved.

Yeah, once the issue is fixed you’ll need to rebake posts with the issue. To avoid rebaking absolutely everything, you could only rebake posts created since the issue was introduced.


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