Discourse on iOS devices is not loading properly when enabling password protection

Hello. When enabling password protection on Discourse following either this [1] or this [2], the site is loading fine on desktop and on Android devices (after entering user and password). However, the site loads like this when browsing on iOS devices:

Since it is only being encountered on iOS devices, it could be something related to the CDN (CloudFront). The following is the cache and origin request policy:

This “whitelist-authorization-headers” policy – [1] stated that authorization header needs to be whitelisted:

Do you guys have any idea if the issue is related to just the CDN or could there be something else in Discourse’s config files that need to be updated? Hoping for a response. Thank you.

I think that it won’t work because the browser isn’t quite playing by the same rules that the web server is.

If you know how to get your phone to override DNS, you could remove the publie DNS record for the site (then no one could access it), and tell only your phone to use your private DNS. I don’t know how to do that. You’d google something like “ios DNS spoof”.

Or, you can let login-required be good enough for your testing.

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