Discourse on Siteground Cloud


Has anyone been able to setup Discourse on SiteGround cloud ?

I’m not a siteground user but what I’ve heard of siteground on this forum is that their cloud is just an overpowered shared hosting plan but not a real VPS or Dedicated Server. So it won’t technically be possible to install discourse on it if that information is correct. However, if they offer proper VPS or Dedicated servers then You’re always welcome to try out the official 30 Minutes install guide and given the normal circumstances, it should also install without an issue.

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Do you have root access? Can you install Docker? If either answer is “no” then it’s “no”. If they’re both yes then you can see if the install guide works.


I went to review whether this particular web host has a cloud infrastructure or not. It looks like they don’t and it is all marketing. They do not mention what kind of cloud computing platform do they use, which means that they simply offer virtual servers create with any virtualization technology and claim to offer cloud. To offer a Cloud, any company must have:
a) A clustered infrastructure for the processing operations. One should be created with a some advanced virtualization platform which works in a multi server environment (OpenVZ for example which is OS virtualization like Docker is not a computing platform natural for the Cloud);
b) A Storage Area Network. The data must be hosted on a network model of a storage system, which offers redundancy and scalability of the storage operations;

This company is a popular one, and I would not doubt them as a web hosting provider. However they are not a Cloud service provider. Creating a VPS on stand-alone servers and selling them as Cloud is unfair to all the prospective customers.

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