Discourse Policy plugin does not work with Terms of Service

I want to add Discourse Policy tags to the Terms of Service at /tos. I click “Edit this page” and edit the post at /t/terms-of-service, adding the [policy] tags. I see the Accept Policy button and list of acceptors at the bottom of /t/terms-of-service. But when I go back to /tos the button and list of acceptors is not there.

It seems /tos knows to display the contents of /t/terms-of-service, but loses the policy button and list in the process.

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/t/terms-of-service (good):

/tos (bad):

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Bumping this to the bug category. It seems like Policy and ToS should be a natural fit, except they don’t work together.

I’m afraid the policy plugin doesn’t currently support working with ToS or other published pages.

This would make a great feature request though. :+1: