Discourse Push Notifications for Desktop

:information_source: It is no longer necessary to install this plugin separately as it was merged into Discourse core in version 2.9.0.beta14

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Push Notifications allows users to opt to receive push notifications over desktop devices in addition to mobile devices
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-push-notifications
:open_book: Install Guide This is now merged with Discourse core, so no need to install it separately.


:warning: In order for this plugin to work at all, your Discourse must be HTTPS.

While push notifications for mobile are now supported in core by default, they are applicable for mobile devices such as Android only.

This plugin exposes a user option that allows users to prefer push notifications on desktop devices:


When checked, enabling “live notifications” will prefer push notifications on desktop devices.


Desktop browsers are able to get “desktop notifications” which work just fine! However there is a subtle difference in the way that the two function. With desktop notifications, the moment that you close your tabs to discourse, notifications cease to come through. With a push notification, this is not the case.

With push notifications, it is not necessary to have a browser tab open in order to receive notifications. A user is able to receive notifications even when there is no browser tab open on the Discourse site.

Supported Browsers

Chrome Desktop 51 and up, Firefox Desktop 44 and up, see caniuse for specifics.