Not receiving push or browser notifications?

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Awesome stuff!

Just a quick question →
How does notification work? I’m trying this here and I do see the notificaition dots but not getting anything via web or mobile …?

Also, is there a way to get emails or “digest” style for chat of specific channels?

I answered in the Chat Feedback Channel, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to show off the swish Quote to Topic feature… :slight_smile:

Originally sent in chat feedback

There are some extra options in your Preferences/Chat page that may be of use?

And the Chat Channel settings tab has a few more:


Thanks! I still can’t figure it out though. I seem to only get notifications within discourse, but not browser notifications or push on mobile. Strange!

I’ve split this out into its own #support topic so we can go into a bit more detail about your specifics. :+1:

Are you receiving push notifications and emails for your other onsite notifications? And is this here on Meta, or on your own site?

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Thanks @JammyDodger .

I am pretty sure I’m receiving web notif, or at least I have in the past…?
It’s enabled, though I didn’t get your reply here - only via email. Strange.

I think they’re browser dependent, if that’s any help?

Didn’t get that one either. Strange! testing on both Safari and Chrome. :confused:

Hmm, this is puzzler. :thinking: If it’s no push notifications across chat or regular topics we should perhaps amend the topic title and see if anyone else is experiencing it.

I’ll add a @Discourse mention in and see if that sends me one to my other browser as a control experiment. :crossed_fingers:

Update: I received that one (Windows/Chrome)



I have not received any push notifications from chat either (didn’t even know it was a feature!) but I regularly receive push notifications for everything else. I did receive an email notification for the first time yesterday which is awesome.


Yes, email seems to work. Other stuff does not :frowning:

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