Could Persona Editor for Discourse become an analogue of GPT Builder based on Discourse in the future?

Continuing the discussion from Advice on a support bot for a technical support forum (Discourse AI vs Discourse Chatbot):

Hello, this is just a super solution that will be useful to many forums :rocket:. I imagined something similar when I thought about the future development of the Discourse AI project.

  1. Do you think this feature could evolve into something that would resemble the GPT Builder service on the OpenAI platform? If something like this appeared on Discourse, then administrators could create more advanced and deeply trained assistants on their forums. Thinking about further development, I can imagine that this function could be very similar to GPT Builder in terms of uploading PDF as a knowledge base, API connections, etc., when you give the opportunity to ordinary users to customize their assistants (this idea came after reading one of the posts, where, as I understand, the Discousre team plans to give ordinary users the ability to customize interaction with AI. Correct me if I misunderstood something).
  2. Even if what I describe in the above paragraph is not implemented, I assume that thanks to AI Persona Editor for Discourse a lot of AI personas can be created and to facilitate the user’s transition to the desired person, a quick link function may be needed (possibly with
    pre-filled request template or Reply Template), like: to a specific AI assistant. Otherwise, at this time I have to write instructions for my users like:
  1. Click on the bot icon in the site header,
  2. In the editor that opens, click on the name of the AI assistant,
  3. In the drop-down list, find the assistant you need,
  4. Write your question (prompt) to AI
  5. Click on “Message”

If the function described in paragraph 2 is implemented, it would be possible to create entire thematic categories, where there would be ready-made thematic templates for requests (prompts) to artificial intelligence with the ability to quickly switch to a dialogue with AI.


Yes. This is what it does. I set up a persona that has students say what they need to do for an assignment. It asks their grade level and for the assignment text and gives feedback about whether they did what the assignment asked.


Yes, but there is no possibility of deep/detailed learning yet, that is, there is no way to download the knowledge base in PDF form and the like. For now we can only give a system hint. Did you understand me correctly?


The feature is going to evolve, there are many things we would like to add, including custom knowledge, command params, custom user and more