Discourse running very slow on local machine

I installed a discourse instance in my local ubuntu laptop with MongoDB to try it out. I took the steps in https://meta.discourse.org/t/beginners-guide-to-install-discourse-on-ubuntu-for-development/14727

Each page request typically takes 1 second.

I wonder is there an configuration issue ?

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Without more information it’s hard to say.

What kind of spec is the laptop? Does it have SSD? Is the ubuntu installation bare metal, or inside a VM? How heavily utilized is the hardware?

I’ve moved this to #dev as you’re using a development installation.


Thanks Stephen for following up.
Machine is in lower-end

  • cpu: Core i5-4300 1.9G Hz
  • ram: 4G
  • ssd
  • ubuntu bare metal.
  • hardware is dedicated for the testing, no other tasks.

Log is attached at https://gist.github.com/csc221/24368d177ecd3c7935e3d06d23c25d32

In particular, I notice this line.

|Completed 200 OK in 660ms (Views: 0.4ms | ActiveRecord: 249.7ms | Allocations: 198144)|
| --- | --- | --- |

In development mode it is indeed slow, as you can edit source code, hit refresh and the new code is already running for the next request.

The 1.9GHz processor also doesn’t help, as most developer machines nowadays are over 4GHz.

What is the purpose of your development install? Are you writing a Discourse plugin? A theme? Writing a pull request?


Thanks for clarifying. This makes sense. I’m trying out the dev install to understand the dev workflow, no immediate purpose in mind.

You can do lots of customization with theme components and do that development with the Beginners’ guide to using Theme Creator and Theme CLI to start building a Discourse theme.

For plugins you do need a full dev setup and will probably want a faster machine.


Thanks for suggestions!