Discourse S3 upload bucket naming

AWS S3 buckets allows for all types of naming schemes, including periods. Why is the forum software enforcing this?
If you would allow periods, it would be easier to setup Cloudflare as a CDN with S3.

I assume there isn’t a technical reason this is the case, rather it’s just validation. Why enforce this if AWS doesn’t?

I understand that in some cases https doesn’t function with this naming scheme, but it allows for other implementations that do support https. Why can’t there simply be a warning, and allow setting the value?

It benefits those that use it correctly, and still discourages others that aren’t using it that way.

For now I’ve implemented Cloudfront in front of S3, and then Cloudflare in front of Cloudfront… it took an extra hour. Plus there’s now an extra CDN in front of another one, and the additional cost of Cloudfront.