Discourse searches are limited to 50 results?

One of my users on my old forum has gotten cold feet about moving to Discourse and is claiming that Discourse has “poor searchability” because it ONLY returns 50 search results.

He also says Discourse has “poor archivability” because he will not be able to sift through 300 old posts way back in time fetched with some search term.

What can I tell him to ease his nerves?

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Hey Joakim,

TBH this sounds more like change anxiety than a legit concern because assuming I’m understanding you correctly he is complaining that 50 search results isn’t enough and then that he doesn’t want to search through hundreds of posts in the same breath.

I’d like to think that someone would find what they were looking for within 50 results and if not then the search should probably be refined!

Fear of change is totally legit. Perhaps we could approach it by selling him some of the benefits of the move. What platform were you on before?

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I’ve been a member of a discourse forum on a different site since November of last year (2016) and the search results have never been a big problem. It’s able to search/sift through some posts that are several years old according to most liked/viewed/relevant/etc.


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Usually you would scope the search more, in time, by category, or simply look at someone’s profile page to see everything they have posted, etc.

Can you describe the use case with more detail and a real world example or two please?

This is no longer the case thanks to @dmacjam!