Search for latest posts in a thread containing a phrase no longer possible?

Or at least it seems so to me this function has been lost but perhaps I don’t see it.
I used to do it by pressing Enter (to go to Fullscreen Search Window) and click Latest.
Focus on a thread was preserved.

For example I’d like to display latest posts containing the word “mod” in a thread
[Tool] Grim Internals - Utilities and Resources - Crate Entertainment Forum.
There are far more results than the ones displayed in the Small Search Window (to about 300th post).

Going to Advanced Search loses focus on this particular thread so that doesn’t help.
Maybe that’s the bug and how I should have titled this report - Advanced Search loses focus on a thread.

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When you are searching the posts of a topic, if there are more than 5 results, the more button will load all the results from that topic in the quick search panel.

But, it’s reasonable to expect the full page search to also keep that topic filter, so I have addressed that scenario in FIX: Keep topic context when redirecting to full search by pmusaraj · Pull Request #14846 · discourse/discourse · GitHub.


Thanks, this will solve my problem.

It won’t. It doesn’t show them all. After clicking it once it shows the results till like 300rd post. But there’s like 6000 posts in the thread and far more results. After that the More button disappears.

But it’s not an issue for me because I prefer Full Search Big Window anyway and will use that when the forum I use is updated with your fix.

Oh, I see, this is very much a unique use case. Even in the full page search, there is a hard limit 500 results max.

But there you can use the posts min/max search filters.


50 results not 500. I counted and it displays precisely 50 messages.

Right, but you can scroll to the bottom of the page, and more results will show, up to a maximum of 500.

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Nope. Stays at 50 for me. Try searching here for mod “in this topic”
Then click “More”. After scrolling down to the bottom nothing happens.
[Tool] Grim Internals - Utilities and Resources - Crate Entertainment Forum

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So, in the quick search panel, yes, the limit is 50 posts. But in the full page search, it’s 500.

On the Grim site, try using topic:ID in full page search:

As you scroll, you’ll see more and more results, up to 500.