Discourse sending 4 users many repeat notifications of new posts

I got a complaint this morning that a user was getting repeat notifications overnight - it just started in the last 24 hours. I have been monitoring mandrill, and now see that it’s the same 4 users who are getting lots of repeat emails from a bunch of topics that were contributed to in this time period. How can I troubleshoot this and stop it from happening?

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Ugh - this is still happening. Every hour or two a repeat notification is being sent out to the same 4 people, and not always for the same post.

So far it seems to be for posts added on June 17th, so within the last 24 hours. I did not do a discourse update yesterday, though did the day before. I just updated again now so am at latest v1.4.0.beta2 +65.

Meanwhile, I also got a report that some people did not get notified of a post in a category they are watching. This caused problems because we had to cancel an important meeting because the agenda did not get circulated. Looking in mandrill, it appears the notification was only emailed out to 3 people but only one of them says they got it.

Not sure if it’s related bug…

Is the title of the thread changing at all?

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nope - it has nothing to do with titles of the thread it seems.

now it appears to have stopped since I did the last update this morning. Bizarro.

and nope again - the problem is back. I wonder if it has something to do with this error in sidekiq - it is 4 errors (matching 4 users) and they are happening at 3 hour intervals (matching time intervals I see in mailchimp).

I will kill these processes and see what happens. If anyone has insights I’d love to hear them. Thanks in advance in everlasting gratitude. :sunny:

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What language are you using, and is this latest code or close to it? Looks like bad translations. Do those users have a different personal locale selected?

yes it’s the latest code or close to it (updated this morning).

interesting about the locales - we have customized how we handle selecting locale so it can be done via wordpress, so perhaps there’s the rub. Will investigate right now!

could someone help me with a command to identify which users have that locale 49 which appears to be causing problems so it can be changed?

I imagine it’s coming from WordPress. But the the locale Preference drop-down has

<li role="presentation" class="select2-results-dept-0 select2-result select2-result-selectable">
<div role="option" id="select2-result-label-49" class="select2-result-label">
<span class="select2-match"></span>

Is “ko” likely to be a possible choice for these members?

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‘ko’ is valid and means Korean.

@tobiaseigen I think SELECT username FROM users WHERE locale = '49'; should work.

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Cool - thanks for sharing that snippet. I found the user who had that weird 49 locale, and then changed it to en, and reran the dead jobs that were throwing the error. The jobs ran without complaint. So this appears to be resolved.

However, the user with the bad locale was not one of the four users getting repeat notifications of posts though he was supposed to get notified about a meeting agenda that didn’t get sent.

I will update my discourse instance again and test everything out again. Cross fingers that getting these tasks to run solves it but I don’t know enough about it to be sure.

ps - for future reference, thanks to @elberet I was able to connect to pg via console: