Users keep receiving notifications for the same post


On several topics, I have users who keep getting a new reply notifications. I noticed that these post Ids appear in the retry log, making me wonder if Discourse keeps trying to notify these missing users and in the process notifies everyone?

I tried deleting these jobs but they’ll re-appear. Should I ‘kill’ them instead? (I’m a little reluctant, afraid I’d break something).

Also, it doesn’t seem to make sense to keep retrying something for a missing user, perhaps these tasks should clean themselves up.

I’m currently on v2.3.0.beta10 +172, did a rebuild yesterday.

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Hmm I wonder if this relates to @wingtip’s problem he reported of constant new reply notifications cc @sam

Whatever this Jobs::PostAlert is doing, it should exit immediately if the user it is trying to notify doesn’t exist…

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With my problem, I was erroneously listed as the original poster of these threads and was watching them. This was some sort of bug with the original vBulletin migration.

We had a background job in Wordpress that was going through every WP frontpage post and modifying the formatting, which then notified me as a watcher.

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Yes, as the owner you would be notified of edits to “your” posts. This should have come across as edit pencil glyph notifications that say ‘edit’ though, not reply style indications?

They were definitely reply notifications, two per thread, even though there were no new replies. Not sure how their script did it internally, just that it was extremely annoying!

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