./discourse-setup Error for ports

I trying to install with ./discourse-setup but it giving error WARNING: Port 443&80 cant resolve… I already opened ports and did DNS settings for my domain.

URL: zerionn.com

Do you have a firewall that may be blocking them?

There is Oracle’s hardware firewall but i configured that. i also disabled the software firewall.

Does that domain name resolve directly to the vm?

Hmm. It looks like you’ve got discourse running there but there is some other problem now?

Yes i using Cloudflare’s DNS-only setting.

Now i installed with modifying app.yml and running ./launcher rebuild app. Now i have ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Because you didn’t resolve your connectivity issue.

The reason discourse-setup will fail if connectivity isn’t working is because let’s-encrypt will fail to enrol a certificate. You get a finite number of tries to do this per week.

You need to resolve the connectivity problem before you rebuild your instance.

What did you change?

I’m getting an “oops” page, suggesting that Discourse is running but that there is a problem, perhaps with the database.

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I just downloaded the Discourse with ./launcher rebuild app ?