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Additionally, it seems you don’t get the header/category name when adding sub-category slugs, i.e. category-name/sub-category-name to the sidebar. The posts render seemingly correct, but the title is empty.

I did this a while ago, and it’s in a branch of the repository at https://github.com/pmusaraj/discourse-sidebar-blocks/tree/two-columns

That branch does both the two-column layout and adds a widget with thumbnails. See this widget for the thumbnails.

For the subcategories, you are likely right, this hasn’t been tested with subcategories.


Thank you for your work - is there a way to display latest post from a wordpress blog on the sidebar?

Not that I know of, no.

Thank you! Also I’ve noticed a “bug”:

When I set a “thin” banner (say 120x600px), the width of the sidebar doesn’t adjust and there’s a lot of wide space around the banner

That’s normal. The sidebar’s width is set as a percentage, so you might have to play with the SCSS values in a theme component to get your desired width. This is the SCSS file you would need to override.

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I’m currently using @awesomerobot’s Topic list sidebar while I’m trying to use your sidebar plugin. I’m doing this because the theme places a sidebar on the left-side and your plugin places a sidebar on the right-side. However, this is what occurs when both of them are active:

Your plugin sidebar doesn’t appear on the right-side, instead then appears underneath in the same column as the Kris’ sidebar. Can anything be done about this (with code or something)?
My website is quemuse.com - any help is appreciated!

Nice styling, @nexo! Do you have that design as a theme?

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@nexo, willing to share your css? Great color scheme!

Looks like you’ve disabled the plugin on your site. I think you just need to adjust the SCSS widths to accomodate a third column, I think the plugin makes the sidebar take up 30% and the rest of the content 70%, you can adjust those here: https://github.com/pmusaraj/discourse-sidebar-blocks/blob/master/assets/stylesheets/sidebar.scss


No luck :confused:

how do i use the side-links?

how did you make the sidebar static?

@pmusaraj great plugin (as usual :smiley: )!

I was wondering if the online list of users in the “Who’s online” plugin could be shown as a sidebar column. Another request is a sidebar with tags/popular tags like one can find in other forums (ex. https://forum.vertica.com/).


@pmusaraj Is it possible to convert this plugin to a theme component? Do you see any challenges?

Yes, this should be fairly straightforward to convert to a theme component. It doesn’t use any Ruby code, so it should be fairly quick to do. I unfortunately haven’t had time recently to do this, but I would like to address this at some point in the very near future.


@pmusaraj Great work, can you please ads an option to allow us to have HTML dynamic side bar on the topic page single topic view too? I want to show my custom HTML content above/below the topic timeline/navigation slider. How can i do that? any ideas? @angus

I have tried to do it here with my own custom JS code in from help of fellow contributor, but its not following best practise. and it doesnt come if there is a Automatic ToC added on topic view. e.g my custom HTML is not showing on this page What is Life for a 60 plus year old Man? - How To Discuss

You can see it here https://howtodiscuss.com/t/profit/7022

Can you please add this feature support to show html on single topic view page in right side bar in this plugin directly please? Also my adsense ads don’t load/render when i m navigating to different topics, they only load fine if i directly hit (reloading entire page JS). But ads are not supposed to work like that. So i need help in that too.

Is there a way to set the width of the sidebar?

Yes, you can change the width with CSS in your theme. You’ll need to override some of the widths set in this file.

General note about the plugin: I have not made any changes to the code in years now, which means the plugin is due for a major refactor. In fact, most of what it does can now be done in a theme component. I don’t have time to do the refactor at the moment, but it is something I am thinking of working on soon.


Having a problem with the custom HTML function. Iframes havn’t been working for a couple of weeks, always thought it was a browser problem, since it was only showing the fallback message. When I tried to fix it, I found out that all HTML was stripped from the settings. Even when I put in <p>Test</p> in, save and then reload, there is only Test left. All HTML is being stripped, which makes the option kinda hard to use.

Does anybody have an idea? Thanks!

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